Finding truly natural, safe cosmetics is a real challenge! Many manufacturers claim that their products contain natural ingredients, but it appears that, except for trace amounts of dormant plant extracts, their composition is based mainly on synthetic fillers and preservatives, which are a threat to our skin. Fortunately, there are independent international certification organisations which symbols found on packages guarantee us the highest quality and safety. But be careful! Manufacturers have the right to put a logo of certification on a package of a product, despite the fact that only one of its ingredients is certified, even if occurring in trace amounts. Therefore, apart from logo itself look for the information about the percentage of certified components as well.

BIO IQ says STOP to the immensity of chemistry, which our body absorbs every day from cosmetics for cleaning, skin care and make-up products. According to the research of Breast Cancer Fund we absorb an average of 75 milligrams of chemical compounds, of which 25 mg is derived from food, and as many as 50 mg from cosmetics-it is an evidence of how our skin can easily absorb different substances. So it is not true that cosmetics applied on our skin remain "outside" of our body. Many of the substances contained in conventional cosmetics can cause all sorts of irritation and inflammation of the skin, and ultimately damage our health, penetrating into the blood stream and accumulating in the tissues.

BIO IQ cosmetics are truly organic products, designed for people who are health-conscious. Created from the passion for healthy living and a desire to promote the idea of conscious responsibility for human health, they are the result of deliberate efforts to combine the latest technology of extraction of natural plant ingredients with the knowledge on traditional recipes deriving from the gifts of nature.

BIO IQ cosmetics are produced in French and Danish laboratories, meeting the strictest standards required by the international certification organization ECOCERT. Raw materials acquired for the production of BIO IQ cosmetics are up to 99,99% natural, including up to 38,98% that come from strictly controlled organic farming.

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