BIO IQ Smart beauty.

Contrary to appearances, your skin does not only secrete various substances, such as sweat, but it also absorbs certain products that you put on it. If it is hard for you to believe, think about how ointments and contraceptive or nicotine patches work. You place them on your skin, substances contained in them deeply penetrate it and in this way they are absorbed by your organism – yes, they penetrate your skin!

Therefore,  it is especially important to take care of what you put on your skin in the form of cosmetics is especially important. After all, you use a lot of those, every day. With this awareness in mind, our aim was to create completely natural and healthy cosmetics – this is how BIO IQ emerged.

Our passion for the healthy lifestyle, love of sports and the possibility of being close to nature was the driving force behind this undertaking. The effectiveness of BIO IQ cosmetics is based on the belief in the intelligence of one of the most perfect organs – the human skin. Instead of doing its work by applying countless cosmetics, we offer your skin a rich cocktail of the best naturally occurring substances and allow it to choose by itself which elements it currently needs – by stimulating your skin to new life, without damaging substances.
BIO IQ – organic cosmetics created for people consciously nurturing the health of their loved ones and themselves.

Our symbol is a dandelion 

as we hope that the passion for the healthy lifestyle and the willingness to make conscious choices will spread like dandelion seeds carried by the wind.
Trust the intelligence of nature!


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